Win new customers!

Finding potential new customers can sometimes be a very time consuming and costly exercise. With instruments such as direct marketing, the costs for ONE contact can easily exceed 1000 EUR.

apaXio can generate new customers under significantly cheaper conditions. And the positive sideeffect: the effort from you before the enquiry reaches you is zero.

New sales outlets!

Open up new sales outlets in no time!
We live in a globalised world. That means you too need to trade on a global scale. Opening up new international sales outlets always means huge effort, costs and risk.

apaXio offers you the chance to test new markets (countries) for potential demand with a manageable budget. Just ask the country in question where you would like to put your products on offer.

Eliminate risk!

Eliminate risk with a manageable budget!
You can spend a lot of money on all sorts of online marketing measures such as industry registers, search engine optimisation, etc. And no one will guarantee that you will succeed!

With apaXio you only pay for actual and current enquiries into your products and services. As a result you are taking practically no risks, since even if no orders are generated right away, you have a “hot” contact, which probably reveals demand for your products.